DairyBusiness Weekly

Dairy producers, breeders and industry leaders are now receiving the digital-only weekly magazine with interactive content. DairyBusiness Weekly contains news, features and advertising presented in a format designed for computer screens and mobile devices, according to Joel Hastings, a partner in DairyBusiness Communications.

Dairy producers, veterinarians, nutritionists and other industry service personnel are online, he explained. “Traffic to our web sites has reached astounding volumes, our videos are proving very popular and our social media activity has grown exponentially in the last two years. The industry is definitely ready for a national digital weekly with the convenience and interactivity provided by the Internet,” he said.

The DairyBusiness editorial team, based in locations across the country, are producing unique content, including text, photography, audio and video components. Combined with curation from a variety of industry sources, the content is interactive, allowing links to sources and original documents. Readers  have easy opportunities to quickly skim the stories for an overview, or dig further into the topics presented using online connections.

The digital format is sized for screens of various sizes and features content and advertising with the look and feel of a contemporary magazine.

The current circulation is being delivered free to 30,000 dairy producers, nutritionists, vets, consultants and dairy industry leaders. In addition, thousands of additional readers per week are coming directly from Social Media. All dairy producers and industry participants across the U.S., Canada and internationally have the opportunity to receive the publication free of charge.

Each Wednesday, 48 times per year, subscribers will receive an e-mail message alerting them they can access the publication. The publicationresides on a DairyBusiness server and can be opened immediately by clicking on an embedded link, with no large attachments transmitted to subscribers.

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