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Dr. Bob Charley,
Forage Products Mgr
Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Youth Spotlight: Damen Jeg from Chehalis, WA
December 5, 2013 — Our youth spotlight this month is with Damen Jeg, 19, from Chehalis, Washington. Jeg is a first time recipient of the HOPE Scholarship presented by Horizon Organic.
PDPW Dairy Conference Features Panel on Activity Monitors
December 4, 2013–  Part 2 of our discussion with Paul Fricke from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Fricke led a panel discussion examining new electronic systems for managing reproduction and other activities in dairy cows.
Lack of Farm Bill Hinders Disaster Assistance
December 3, 2013 — Disaster assistance is being hindered because of a lack of ‘Farm Bill.’ Dan Steinkruger, USDA-FSA Executive Director joined us on Tuesday’s DairyLine to discuss.
Parity Pricing a “Political Ploy”
December 2, 2013 — The impact of parity pricing on consumers is a political ploy according to Patty Lovera, assistant director at Food and Water Watch in Washington, D.C.  She explains in this DairyBusiness Radio podcast.
Raising Heifers Can Be Costly
November 29, 2013 — The cost of raising heifers continues to be a hot topic. Mike Hutjens, extension dairy specialist with the University of Illinois, shares with us the latest figures in this “Feed Facts” segment.
Activity Monitors Continue to Evolve
November 27, 2013 — Paul Fricke from the University of Wisconsin discusses activity monitoring systems as he previews to the upcoming Herdsperson Conference, December 4th and 5th sponsored by PDPW.
Calf Management: Nutrition Programs Have Come a Long Way
November 26, 2013 — When it comes to calf management, nutrition programs have come a long way. Gary Geisler of Purina Animal Nutrition has seen first hand the changes in calf feeding over the last 30 years. He talks with DairyLine’s Bill Baker about it in this DairyBusiness Radio Podcast.
Farm First
(11/25/13)  Farm First’s Peter Kleiman tells us what’s happening with the largest dairy coop in the midwest.
The Benefits of Feeding Calves 3x Per Day
November 21, 2013 — Recent research shows many benefits to three-times-per-day calf feeding. Dr. Tom Earleywine, Director of Nutritional Services for Land O’ Lakes Animal Milk Products explains in this month’s ‘We Care For Calves’ radio podcast.
Your Bottom Line
(11/20/13)  We continue our conversation with Rob Wilson, trainer and consultant with the Gap Partnership, about the art of the negotiation.
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