Sample Issue from 2013-01-14

DairyBusiness Update

Would you like to condense a week’s worth of time into minutes? Keeping pace with the rapidly changing dairy industry is a full-time job all by itself.

If TMI… too much information… is burying you in stacks of unread publications, e-mails and print outs, let DairyBusiness Update, the industry’s most useful newsletter, cut through the clutter and keep you up to date with a quick, timely summary of news, markets and trends that impact your business.

DBU editors travel to key events, interview newsmakers, track markets, follow political and regulatory actions and search the web, delivering dairy news, trends and analysis in an easy-to-read, four-page newsletter, 48 times per year.

A whole week’s worth of news in just four pages, DBU appears in your electronic inbox or via fax each Friday afternoon. It’s almost like having your personal editor keep track of the industry so you can do your regular job!

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